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The water utilities office is responsible for water operations,
wastewater treatment and encourages water conservation.
See below for links to recent articles on conserving water and smart water use.

September is the Time to Start Planning Your Winter Garden
As the heat dissipates and climate changes, it’s time to start thinking about and planting your winter garden. With chilly nights and sunny days in Texas where freezes are infrequent, the best plants for your flowerbeds this winter are pansies, snapdragons, petunias, calendula, euphorbias, ornamental cabbage and kale, and violas. Click for tips for planting your winter garden.

Holiday Grease is a Huge Pain to Your Drain
When we think of the holidays, a main thing that comes to mind is the celebratory meal with family and friends. But did you know it is also the biggest time of year for plumbers to be called? Why? Because so many people use their sinks to dispose of unwanted food and fats, oils and grease produced from cooking. All of that waste wreaks havoc on the plumbing system and results in backups and messy, smelly overflows in homes, businesses and the streets. Read more.

How to Protect Against Frozen Pipes
Because Texas has mild winters, taking precautions to prevent frozen pipes might seem excessive. However, it takes just one period of freezing temperatures for pipes to burst, leading to very expensive damage. Before temperatures dip below 20o, be prepared. Click for a list of tips to prevent frozen pipes.

This Fall - Bag it, Don't Blow It!
Soon, our hot weather will cool, our trees will turn from their vibrant green and the leaves will fall. It’s an annual ritual, one that lasts a month or so, where we pull out our rakes and clean up our yards from seasonal debris. We see this as nature taking its course, but did you know that these dead leaves, grass clippings and other yard debris are actually stormwater pollutants if not bagged up and thrown away? Click to read more.

Year Round Water Use Management
Abilene, like many Texas cities, has established drought restrictions through an ordinance to proactively manage our water resources. Currently in Year Round Water Use Management, watering restrictions were lifted from one time a week to three. Read more.

Our Sewer System: Headed Toward a Drainwreck!
It’s our duty as caring, responsible residents to do our part and not dispose fat, grease or oil into our drains. In just three short months - 13 of 16 sanitary sewer overflows in Abilene were directly due to grease. Read more.

Tips For Detecting Water Leaks
Water leaks can be very expensive. If you suspect a leak, you can call the plumber, but first you may want to find the leak and see if it is something you can fix yourself. Even if you can’t, you’ve saved time and money by identifying where it is. Read more.

Drought-tolerant Plants
When we think about summers in Texas and our lawns, it can seem like a losing battle. However, there are a number of plants that thrive in drought conditions, many of which bloom, and contribute to a beautiful landscape. Read more.

Flushable Wipes - Not so Flushable
Although wipes are designed to be biodegradable and break down when flushed, unfortunately that doesn’t happen fast enough and can clog their home’s toilets and plumbing. Read more.

Watering for a Healthy Lawn
With high summer temperatures and water conservation regulations, keeping a green lawn can seem a challenge, but lawns don't need as much water as you might think. Read more.

Water Saving Tips
When it comes to conserving water, small changes can add up to big savings. By making a few adjustments, you can help preserve our local water resources and save money on your monthly water bill. Read more.