City of Abilene

Our Sewer System: Headed Toward a Drainwreck

Abilene’s sewer system is made of up 650 miles of pipe. It’s our duty as caring, responsible residents to do our part and not dispose fat, grease or oil into our drains.

This includes more than the waste that is thrown down the kitchen sink, but also disposed of through the dishwasher, toilet, washing machine, bathtub and shower. All of those drains lead to the same sewer where all the fat, oils and grease build up and create major havoc resulting in overflows and stench costing the City and its residents significant expenses.

In just three short months - Jan. 1 through March 31, 2017 – there were 16 sanitary sewer overflows in Abilene. Thirteen, or 81 percent, of those were directly due to grease. Seriously, if we don’t get a handle on the quantity of grease entering our sewer system, our City will literally be headed toward a drainwreck.

We are launching new campaign to educate just how destructive fats, oils and grease are on your drain and the City’s sewer system. You wouldn’t shoot a firearm down the drain, so why dump waste that will harden and block pipes, essentially causing a similar kind of harm? Instead, please, cool it, can it, trash it and together we can Keep Abilene Flowing.