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Beautiful Summer Texas Landscapes Using Drought-tolerant Plants

When we think about summers in Texas and our lawns, it can seem like a losing battle. A series of long, hot days; usually with little rain; then to top it off, strict rules limiting watering frequency due to necessary conservation regulations.

iStock_000085002465_MediumA lawn needs just one inch of water a week to stay green and healthy, but how about the landscaping?

Good news! There are a number of plants that thrive in drought conditions, many of which bloom, and contribute to a beautiful landscape. Here are some of the best draught-tolerant plants for Texas yards to consider.

For the best results, plant before a drought hits, when soil is less dry. For a more expansive list of plants that thrive in both drought and rain climates, click here for a resource from Birds and Blooms.

This easy-care annual grows in low clusters, blooms in a rainbow of hues and thrives in the hot, sunny spots where other flowers might wither.

Tangerine-DreamOften self-propagating, coneflowers need little upkeep and thrive in almost any soil with adequate drainage.

june16g.jpg-2An aromatic flowering plant that attracts butterflies and bees and blooms from early summer to early fall. Plants are one to three feet tall and wide and perfect for borders, rock gardens and containers. 

agastache grapeAgastache
Great for the back of a border, this three to five feet tall plant blooms purple or white flower spikes. Bees love.

Lantana camara is also known as red sage or Spanish Flag and is native to Central and South America. It is a favorite species for butterflies.Looking for a good plant for a container? This one fits the bill. Growing in clusters three to six feet tall with lots of brightly colored blossoms. Great in sunny spaces.

This vibrant colored flower blooms summer to fall and reaches eight to 30 inches. Good for ground or containers.

iStock_000052058640_MediumThis fragrant plant is native to the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Great for specimens or borders.

Russian Sage
640e535bc410957086e4b031d1b8676bThis purplish blue plant, hitting heights two to five feet, withstands cold, drought and poor soil as long as it is planted in sunny spot.

California Poppy
An ideal plant for yards with poor soil. Best when grown in full sun.